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TYCONZ is an SAP-certified consultancy firm and an MVAR of SAP (SAP Master value-added reseller (MVAR). Tyconz is also a cloud reseller that allows earning recurring revenue by offering cloud computing HR and Payroll services through Talenica, to each of our clients without the added cost of developing our their own infrastructure. We deliver a solid track record in providing high-level expertise in SAP implementation, development, training, and support in the MENA region. We continuously build our local and regional presence, while focusing on achieving real customer satisfaction, through highly-qualified local resources that support various industries across multiple SAP solutions.

Make TYCONZ your trusted SAP partner today, and benefit from a number of our value-added services:

  • Optimize your enterprise capabilities with the help of our team of qualified consultants, who are part of TYCONZ’s larger pool of international and local SAP certified professionals.
  • Benefit from the SAP-related support and expertise needed during both the presales process and when closing sales agreements with SAP clients in the region.
  • Utilize our strategic and custom HR and Payroll solution capabilities based on SAP applications
  • Leverage constant innovation and development with the changing trends in the technology sphere.
  • A go-to resource for support in the cloud. We’ve already vetted them for you, so you can choose from thousands of trusted, experienced partners covering a wide range of specialties.