Our Services

Talenica provides organizations with compelling services and customer experience management incorporating operational technological and interpersonal skills helping them turn their HR, Payroll and Talent Management functions from a daunting task to a compelling experience.

Our cloud-based solution leveraging SAP SuccessFactors Human Capital Management (HCM) suite, enables Core HCM, Payroll and Talent to exceed the expectations of their department and provide a one-stop shop solution that is easily adapted to multiple countries labor laws and legal requirements, while facilitating the payroll processing and enhancing accuracy.

We offer a unique solution with different options that range from purely standard subscription to the system on the cloud to a totally outsourced service, where customers do not even need to interfere in any transaction from payroll calculation to employee data and files management

Our services are only as good as the systems that support it. We break down the customer journey and deliver service excellence at each point along the way, from consultancy services, to project implementation and service delivery, to support and maintenance services with our SLAs to a fully outsourced high-quality team of HR and Payroll Experts with minimal cost.