Asset Management

Asset Management

Get real-time visibility into your asset performance. Our asset management (EAM) solutions can help efficiently and sustainably manage the entire asset lifecycle, improve asset usage and cut costs with powerful analytics – and even enhance environment, health, and safety performance.

  • Streamline processes by eliminating paper work and shortening work cycles
  • Reduce maintenance costs by working to standards
  • Get better visibility and improved analytics by capturing higher quality real-time data
  • Keep assets running at peak performance with shorter response times and timelier maintenance
  • Complete safety checks and follow safe work practices to protect employees


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Delivering from Idea to Performance

In a volatile global market, staying competitive is increasingly challenging. Consumers expect tailored products and rapid delivery. As product complexity soars, lifecycles shrink, and compliance regulations multiply, companies must integrate and optimize processes to accelerate the speed of innovation.

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SAP Enterprise Asset Management: Overview Video

Get a glimpse of a new SAP Enterprise Asset Management solution that features the latest technological and customer engagement innovations, available only from SAP.