SAP for Sports & Entertainment

SAP for Sports & Entertainment

SAP is driving world-class innovation in the sports and entertainment industry. Our solutions:

  • Inspire organizations to reach and connect with fans through technology
  • Uncover insights to drive optimal on field/on court product
  • Streamline management and operations to maximize value from existing sources of revenue
  • Open doors for new revenue streams

SAP’s vision is to deliver a significant competitive edge to leagues, venues, and teams, via real-time actionable insights, operational efficiencies, and a comprehensive view of their business.


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The Best Run Sports and Entertainment Organization

New technologies like social media, mobile, video, digital, and sensors in player uniforms and equipment are disrupting the Sports and Entertainment industry. Leaders will take advantage of these new innovations to deepen fan engagement, improve team performance, grow revenue faster than player salaries, and efficiently operate their business and venues.

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SAP Innovation Video for Sports and Entertainment

How SAP Innovations help Sports and Entertainment companies embrace the digital era leveraging Big Data and cloud solutions.