SAP for Retail

SAP for Retail

Retailers are operating in a world vastly different from a few years ago. A challenging market, coupled with competition from around the world and an abundance of information available at shoppers’ fingertips, makes today’s shopper more powerful than ever. Additionally, retailers need to operate across channels as efficiently as possible, which means breaking down organizational silos that prevent profitable multichannel retailing. Finally, intensified competition and changing technology mean that every retailer must find new and powerful ways to innovate and differentiate as quickly as possible. The SAP for Retail solution portfolio provides grocery, hardlines, and softlines retailers with a means to turn today’s challenges into opportunities with solutions that help drive profitable multichannel retailing by offering retailers the insight to better understand your shoppers and business, the operational efficiency to ensure profit, and the adaptability to capitalize on the best opportunities to grow.

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Engaging at the Right Moment

Customers expect relevant products, information, and engagement when they want, meaning now. How do retailers respond to this increasing need to engage at the right moment, consistently, across multiple sales channels and technologies? By transforming their business with a single real-time retail platform that helps them see the future and deliver on the promises they’re making to customers and investors.

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SAP in Retail: Overview Video

Get a glimpse of a new Retail solution that features the latest technological and customer engagement innovations, available only from SAP.