TwoGo by SAP

TwoGo by SAP

Companies world-wide are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Here’s a great opportunity to help them do it. Employees can conveniently manage rides from a browser, smart phone, or corporate calendar through by TwoGo by SAP. Matching up rides is instant, automatic, and according to employee preferences through TwoGo service by SAP.

  • Spend less on fuel, maintenance, and parking facilities for both corporate and employee’s vehicles
  • Drive innovation and employee satisfaction by increasing information sharing and collaboration between employees
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and engage employees in sustainable thinking
  • Reduce employee travel expenses for taxi cabs, limos and car rentals
  • Enhance their brand and expand their image as sustainable companies and attractive employers

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Ride Sharing for the Enterprise: Made Easy and Flexible

TwoGo by SAP is SAP AG’s consumer-grade, mobile and cloud-delivered service for enterprises, designed to encourage and support ride sharing among employees for their daily commute and business travel.

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TwoGo by SAP - See the Mobile Ride Sharing App in Action

TwoGo by SAP is a mobile, cloud-based ride-sharing service that was designed and tested specifically for commuting at the enterprise level, within and between companies.