SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense

SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense

Efficient on-demand travel expense management processes enable business travelers to upload, access, and manage travel receipts and credit card data. SAP software simplifies these and other processes for expense reports and integration into accounts-payable and cash-management processes.

The software also helps enforce compliance with:

  • Localized tax mandates
  • Legal accounting requirements
  • Internal travel policies

Workflow settings automate approvals and auditing for travel expenses. With mobile devices, travelers can capture and maintain expenses. Managers can approve those reports from their mobile devices to maintain consistent control of travel spend. As a result, they can check accurate travel-expense processing and reporting and monitor current budgets efficiently with less administrative burden.


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SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense: An Easier Way to Travel

With the increasing cost of business travel, your organization needs to cut travel costs and complexity while increasing compliance. The SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense solution helps you manage processes such as planning, booking, travel receipt capture, and expense reimbursement, and it lets you analyze expenses across multiple dimensions for better decision making and cost control.

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SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense - Handling travel expenses on the fly

With SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense you can handle travel expenses on the fly — because everything can be easily managed via mobile device.