Rapid Deployment Solutions for D&T

Rapid Deployment Solutions for D&T

Bring speed and simplicity to your next business software implementation – with SAP Rapid Deployment solutions. These affordable, scalable packages combine pre-configured software and implementation services to get you up and running in a matter of weeks. And with a defined scope and predictable cost, there are no surprises. Start with the functionality you need now, and add on as you go.


Key benefits of Rapid database migration to SAP Sybase ASE:

  • Reduce operational costs by minimizing administration efforts
  • Optimize return on investment (ROI)
  • Align with SAP’s long term database strategy and benefit from continued development and optimal support
  • Be hardware/platform vendor independent
  • Benefit from application functionality, that is performance-optimized to run on SAP Sybase ASE
  • Benefit from the close integration with the SAP Business Suite and other products, such as the SAP HANA platform and SAP Sybase IQ


Key benefits of SAP Customer Data Integration Rapid Deployment Solutions:

  • Gain a 360° view of customers
  • Simplify the maintenance of customer data
  • Lower your marketing costs by reducing duplication and targeting offers
  • Increase the accuracy and reliability of all your data related analysis


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Learn how SAP Rapid Deployment solutions can quickly get key areas of your business running better. In one package, you get pre-configured software and implementation services — everything you need to be up and running in just weeks.

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When you can deploy a solution in weeks instead of months, and realize business value fast, you are not going to want to stop after just one rapid-deployment solution. See how you can benefit from an SAP Rapid Deployment solution road map — and hear how an SAP customer is doing just that already.