SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase

SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase

Turn massive volumes of unstructured social media data into meaningful insights – with SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase. This cloud-based solution can help you quantify net sentiment with a sophisticated natural language processing engine – and correlate changes in customer opinion with campaigns, promotions, news, and other events.


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Gain Deep Brand and Customer Insight with Social Media Analytics

Social media has made sharing opinions and experiences with others easier than ever before. On Facebook, Twitter, and countless other forums, your buyers are engaging with friends and strangers alike – detailing their attitudes, preferences, and buying habits. These conversations provide the keys to connect and innovate. But, how do you turn them into insight?

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SAP Social Media Analytics by Netbase

Learn how you can use SAP Social Media Analytics by Netbase to monitor the conversations people are having online about your business. Watch how you can measure the popularity of the topics you are researching,identify various target groups and understand the themes that are popular with them.