SAP Cloud For Vendors

SAP Cloud For Vendors



Ariba solutions help our customers find opportunities to cut costs, reduce risk, and grow revenue through better collaboration with trading partners. That collaboration is enabled through the Ariba Network — a cloud-based community – where you’ll find buying, selling, and managing cash to be as easy as using Amazon, eBay, and PayPal. Ariba also hosts other online communities where business commerce professionals network and share information and best practices, just like friends on Facebook.

When you’re buying, Ariba solutions help you source and procure goods and services in ways that boost competition and compliance, saving you money and minimizing risks. When you’re selling, Ariba solutions help you differentiate yourself in the marketplace with tools for satisfying your customers’ e-commerce needs and closing deals faster.

And when it is time to document the exchange between trading partners, Ariba will help you eliminate the time and expense of manual, paper-laden processes involving invoices, purchase orders, contracts, and payments. Ariba solutions are designed to give you that time back — and equip you to take advantage of the latest working capital optimization strategies.


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