About Us

About Us

Company Summary

TYCONZ is an SAP-certified consultancy firm with a solid track record in providing high-level expertise in SAP implementation, development, training and support in the MENA region. We continuously build our local and regional presence, while focusing on achieving real customer satisfaction, through highly-qualified local resources that support various industries across multiple SAP solutions.

Make TYCONZ your trusted SAP partner today, and benefit from a number of our value-added services:

  • Optimize your enterprise capabilities with the help of our team of qualified consultants, who are part of TYCONZ’s larger pool of international and local SAP certified professionals.
  • Benefit from the SAP-related support and expertise needed during both the presales process and when closing sales agreements with SAP clients in the region.
  • Utilize our strategic and custom solution capabilities based on SAP applications (such as the Qatar Central Bank regulatory reporting package developed by TYCONZ as an add-on to SAP

Business Concept

We understand very well how technology can make or break a business. That is why the core of our work is to closely collaborate with clients in order to maximize the value of their existing SAP technology and to allow them to focus more on their core strengths. We not only provide consulting services and customized SAP solutions; we take it a step further by building our client team’s knowledge from day one, so that it fully benefits from reduced costs and an increased ROI when it comes to SAP application support, maintenance and enhancement.

About Us

Competitive Edge

SAP continues to secure its lead over major competitors around the globe by providing clients with top-niche solutions.However, as more and more organizations partner with SAP as regional service providers, they also face significant challenges in sourcing and staffing professionals with the required level of expertise needed in the SAP domain. This lack of qualified regional SAP specialists, and the high cost of hiring or contracting international SAP experts, has become a major risk to SAP’s presence, sustainability and market share in the region.TYCONZ is a regional-based firm with a pool of local and international senior consultants, holding over 10 years of SAP experience, who understand how to leverage SAP products to deliver real and beneficial results to clients.Our team members are bilingual (Arabic and English), and have extensive experience and an established understanding of regional requirements, specifically in its three main industries – financial, oil and gas, and the public sector. And though we focus on industry-specific solutions, we also have in-depth knowledge of cross-industry applications.We understand that our success is dependent on SAP’s success. That is why we invest the required time and effort in enabling and personalizing SAP solutions to meet and exceed the market’s best practices and requirements.