All SAP Business solution – in-One

All SAP Business solution – in-One

SAP after tens years of experience implementing ERP systems in various businesses in the world, the introduction of SAP Business solution All in One –-. If you own a small or medium business in industries based on manufacturing, services, wholesale or distribution of the goods, you can use this unique solution that supports the core of your business (finance and accounting, human resources, logistics, supply chain, manufacturing, product design) is designed to use.

All SAP Business solution – in One-with the possibility of very fast due to the implementation of the implementation scenarios become embedded in it, having the lowest possible risk in the implementation process and the return on investment it quickly.

The challenge that generally businesses to implement business management systems they experience virtually all understand and in the form of the application and methodology of implementation have been taken out of the way, in a way that with the quick implementation of a integrated software control systems, finance and accounting, and to support operations, and able to manage ongoing projects of the organization. سازیهای performed and documented as well as numerous education and empowerment programs to create the correct use of the system will help users in a way that the implementation and use of the system time can be reduced up to 15 weeks.

  • The exact Scope of the project and determine budgeting for online
  • The beginning of the process is very quick return on investment has been done on the world's most well-known ERP
  • The ability to provide the system with the support of the English language and calendar, and currency Rial

The software is predetermined based on best experience of similar businesses and Best Practices for different industries have been produced all organizational functions required to تجارتهایی based on manufacturing, wholesale, distribution and services are covered or if your business is a bigger take dimensions, simply expandable to other larger solutions and dedicated SAP to support the growing trend of the organization you will be Respectively.

SAP makes it possible to client organisations to be able, within a few minutes to be online and budget determine the Scope of your project. Using embedded software tools, you can check the different options and different spheres of organizational functions to Add Scope or low and by calculating the cost of the software and the corresponding implementations continue to work so the project costs with the desired consistent budget.

SAP Business One is a comprehensive business system is ideal for small and medium-sized تجارتهای is a special form for such organizations and in the fastest time possible will be implemented. This approach to all the business processes you have created with surrounded feature quick access to information, transparency of the enterprise upgrade sculptures.

Including the benefits of the implementation of this system can be pointed to the following:

  • Create the ability to respond to quick and simple customer requests
  • Create more accurate and quick decisions
  • Providing the possibility to focus on the core business of the Organization for senior management instead of addressing them to the everyday
  • Subtracting the amount of investment needed to buy the system
  • The ability to support and maintain a simple and low cost
  • Pleasant and simple user experience

Some of the key functions of this system include:

  • Finance and accounting with the capability to manage the whole office and newspaper, budget management, management of accounts receivable and payable
  • Customer and sales management with a more transparent sales process from the moment of initial customer contact to sign the contract as well as management information to support service
  • Purchasing and operations with the ability to control all stages of the purchase process of buying to get in stock
  • Distribution and warehouse management with the ability to manage inventory in all the warehouses and online tracking of shipments and goods at all stages of the …
  • Reporting with the ability to create and manage and distribute any report as required by the definition of the required access levels.
  • Human capital management with the ability to manage the life cycle of the human resources of the organization from hiring to retirement, payroll and list management.

It should be noted that dedicated solutions for industries such as retail, wholesale, manufacturing, property management, project management, machine management, hotel, insurance, Bank and so designed and feature implementation and change with minimal use in similar industries.